Pipe connections without welding

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Lokring™: Pipe connections without welding

Lokring™ is a revolutionairy cold-connection technology joining two pieces of pipe without welding.

Lokring™ is approved for use for industry design codes (ASMEB31.1, 31.3, EN13480 and RToD). In addition, Lokring may be used with piping systems under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) up to and including category 3.

How does it work?

Hydraulic tools will compress the fittings over the pipes to be connected. This creates a helium-tight, permanent metal-to-metal seal, equivalent to a welded connection.

This is what makes the Lokring™ a unique solution

  • Lokring also works on internally contaminated pipes
  • Eliminates hot work
  • Optimizes safety
  • Saves time and costs
  • NDT inspections no longer unnecessary.

Instruction cards Lokring

MTK45 MTK60 MTK100/300 MTK400

Lokring FAQ

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PED stands for the Pressure Equipment Directive. Lokring may be used under the PED for piping up to and including Category 3.

 We have the requisite documentation to make this possible from the largest conformity assessment body in the Netherlands. Contact us for more information on Technom’s assurance work for this on the European market.

The dutch notified body wil never officially approve a technique. As indeptendent third party this organisation will verify the necessary documentation. Please contact us for more information.
We have developed a template with input from some important ‘best practices’. We will be happy to use this to help you develop further.
Yes. We can provide training in-house (at Zeist, NL) or at your location. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Key phrase: total cost of installation.

The direct costs of a weld (wages, use of equipment, added material, etc.) may well be lower. The other costs (largely related to technical safety procedures and precautions) will in practice mean that a weld is in fact more expensive. These costs are often only visible to the end user (the factory owner). Consider:

  • The cost of employing a fire watchman;
  • The costs and throughput time for carrying out NDT (X-ray photos);
  • The risk of overrun in the planning;
  • The throughput time (planning) is once again crucial in a turnaround. Please contact us if you want to see the supporting documents with time studies.
Lokring is a non-welded connecting technique, i.e. it is not ‘hot’ work. Because no sparks or naked flames are involved, Lokring may be fitted using a cold work permit while the factory is running.

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