Weld isolation tool

Efficient and safe

about the weldisolation tool

Weld isolation tool: Efficient and safe

Our weld isolation tools are designed to create a safe welding environment in hot work areas. This will save time and money.

Our weld isolation tool guarantees a 100% controlled double seal. This will create a safe hydrocarbon-free welding environment. Technom supplies these tools and will provide instructional trainings so that your own team can start work immediately. Our Technom-field service engineers can also support your on-site installation or provide supervision.

How does it work?
Our weld isolation tool features two independent seals and a water lock. This double block method ensures a reliable seal even on poor wall surfaces. The water lock between the two seals will guarantee the integrity of the tool. If the pressure in the water cavity remains stable, the work can be carried out safely. Any backpressure will be discharged through the internal vent system.

This is what makes our isolation tools special

  • Safe welding without having to clean the entire piping system
  • Tools are always delivered plug & play.
  • After a training you can install the tools yourself.
  • The tools offer the possibility to purge with nitrogen.
  • A large range of diameters, directly from stock:
    • NPS ½" to 36" (ANSI)
    • DN15 up to and including DN900 (DIN)

Instruction card weld isolation tool

Weld Isolation Tool


Isolation plug FAQ

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We have a wide range of welding isolation plugs available, from ½” to 36”. Within that range, we have a variety of standard sizes. Because our welding isolation plugs can protect pipes with various internal diameters, they can also be used with DIN piping.

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