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Saving time and cost


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Flange Weld Tester: Saving time and cost

The Technom Flange Weld Tester is used to check the integrity of welds between pipe and flange. The Flange Weld Tester will perform hydrostatic tests in a controlled way. With the Technom Flange Weld Tester, the filling, draining and drying of the complete pipe system are no longer necessary. Technom supplies these flange weld testers directly from stock and provides instructional training so that your own team can start working with them immediately. Our Technom field service engineers can also support assembly or provide on-site supervision.

How does it work?

The tester is mounted on the welded flange to guarantee safety at all times. Next, a seal is created behind the welding seam. The intermediate chamber is filled with water and brought to the desired pressure. The process and pressure can be monitored via measuring instruments.

The Flange Weld Tester is available in two types. Type 1 was designed for transport pipes with ANSI flanges 150lbs or DIN flanges PN16/ PN25. Type 2 was developed for high pressure systems. This type will test systems up to ANSI 2500lbs/ PN260.

What makes our flange weld testers special

  • For local pressure testing.
  • Delivered Plug & Play.
  • 100% safe environment during the pressure test.
  • A large range of diameters, directly from stock:
    • NPS ½" to 36" (ANSI)
    • DN15 up to and including DN400 (DIN)

(DN450 and larger on request)

Instruction cards Flange Weld Tester

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